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Apple watch replacement bands quick installation guide.

An exquisite device like an Apple Watch Wristbands deserves a watch band that’s its equal but it comes to Apple watch people don’t want to have the single band all the time.

Apple Watch isn’t simply an advanced smart device it is also a beautiful wearable device loaded with innovative technology.

Apple has provided a list of bands in its store but they are very costly, with that reason there are many third party apple watch bands manufacturer in the market with the promise of best Apple watch replacement bands at an affordable price.

But few of third-party manufacturer’s bands match the standards of Apple watch bands. Hence, anyone who is willing to buy bands can buy from these third-party bands.

Apple watch comes in two size variant (small 38mm and large 42mm) make sure that you are selecting perfect size whenever you are buying Apple watch wristbands.

Third Party Replacement Bands Are Better Than Bands by Apple Watch

apple watch wristbands
It is not necessary that you need apple’s bands for your iwatch. You can easily replace your bands with any of third-party Apple watch bands manufacturer.

They provide bands at an affordable price so that you can buy multiple bands for the price of one Apple watch band. Even you will find their bands are more fashionable and creative.

There will be a question arising in your mind will they provide that quality which Apple is providing in its bands.

I would say yes! But wait not all manufacturers very few of them have bands which equal to bands from Apple.

Whenever you going to buy bands from third-party iwatch bands manufacturer you keep some of the points in your mind like material, seller, price, waterproof, stitching( leather bands), band sizing and product warranty.

These things will always help you in choosing the best Apple Watch Wristbands.


Just in few steps you can change lugs and personalize your Iwatch with Apple watch wristbands.

apple watch wristbands
Upgrading your look by changing your Apple watch wristbands to match your style has never been so easy.

Whether you want a band which is comfort or convenience or you bored with the original band and just wanted a change, customizing your watch can be both fun and rewarding.

This is a very easy task for almost anyone and you can have a new strap installed in no time at all. It also saves time and money by doing it yourself.

You will only need one small tool called a “Pentalobe screwdriver” and also the generic apple watchband adapter that allows you to attach dozens of styles of leather bands rubber bands, nylon bands, metals bands, and many more choices of replacement bands to your apple watch.

You will also need a smooth, safe place to work on.
Here are some easy steps which will make your band replacement easy.

Step 1: Separate your band from its old lugs

apple watch wristbands

  1. Slide out of your Apple Watch wristband and put your watch casing in a scratch-free surface.
  2. Take one side of your band.
  3. Check out for the two screws on the top of lug— they’re tiny!
  4. Use Pentalobe screwdriver to remove the screws; this will free the top bar of the lug from the pieces that slide into the material of the band.
  5. Take out the metal bars that connect the band to the lug.
  6. Note that I said bars, plural — that seemingly unified piece of metal is actually two pieces connected in the middle. Put the old lug aside.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 & 2 with the other side of the band

After you’ve done this, store your original lugs somewhere safe in case you ever want to use them again. You better tight the top bar to its metal pieces when you store it, to avoid losing screws or lugs and using a clear plastic bag.


I hope this will definitely help you in choosing and replacing Apple Watch Wristbands.

A little awareness of best third-party manufacturer will save your money and help you in finding the most fashionable bands.

Here is someplace where you can get genuine bands from 3rd party manufacturers. You can buy from them.

Amazon: – this one of the biggest marketplace where you can find a verity of replacement bands.

Strappedandco: – This one of the best company who is fully dedicated to-words proving best Apple watch wristbands at an affordable price.

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