Apple Watch VS Android Wear: Which Smartwatch is Worth Buying In 2018

apple watch vs android wear

Wearable tech is slowly becoming the next big thing. Fitness trackers, smart jewelry, and luxury bands have gained its popularity in recent times but it is the smartwatch that has been ranked first as the best wearable tech.

Therefore, big companies like Huawei, LG, etch have invested heavily on the wearable tech and made smartwatches based on Google’s Android Wear smartwatch platform. Apple, on the other hand, has it’s own Apple Watch.

Like the smartphone war between android and apple, the difference goes beyond the price and looks – it’s more ideological.

Apple provides a singular experience whereas Android wear offers choice and variety. Apple has a huge fan base and dedicated developers whereas Google has a powerful platform and might partners.

As the smartphones, Apple provides the best hardware design and onboard OS whereas Google provides its amazing software to its various hardware partners.

If you are ready to get a smartwatch then you have to decide which – Apple Watch vs Android Wear is the one for you.

Let’s compare the specs, designs, features and much more to help you decide which is worth spending your cash.

1. Design
2. Voice Assistant
3. Fitness Tracking
4. Calling and Messaging
5. Battery Life
6. Apps
7. Contactless Payments
8. Price and Availability

1. Apple Watch vs Android Wear: Design

Apple Watch without iPhone

The design is the most important functionality whether it is a smartphone or smartwatch because it is more than a watch it’s an accessory.

Both the rival companies Apple and Google have given their best so that their smartwatches has the best design and aesthetics.

Android smartwatches have both square and round faces like the Sony SmartWatch 3  and LG Watch Sport. It runs the gamut in terms of design just like LG Watch Sport which has Apple Watch like rotating crowns.

Previously, the older versions of the Android wear did not use round screens but the latest watches like the Huawei Watch 2 Sport has been designed according to the latest trend.

The latest android smartwatches have the latest Android Wear 2.0 in which it is easy to navigate and select icons. The new interface has a simple vertical design which focuses more on the up and down gestures.

In an Android smartwatch, you can customize as much as you want to your heart’s content. You can easily change the watch face or get a new aftermarket strap.

The Apple Watch is quite different from the android watch and is available only on a square screen. You can choose from the variety of watch faces and it also has a wide range of wristbands.

The various Apple Watch models like the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2, Watch Nike+, Watch Hermes supports a slew of different third part watch bands.

The design of the Apple Watch models is consistent across all its models: A square body with a bright little screen and rounded edges. It has a digital crown with a functional wheel which ads a touch of flair.

The Apple Watch is much thinner and slimmer than the Android Wear.

2. Apple Watch vs Android Wear: Voice Assistant

apple watch vs andriod wear

Android Wear has its Google Assistant which is Google’s Al-powered digital helper.

Using this you can ask any questions like flight times, nearby hotels, weather, scores, and it will provide you a detailed and curated response.

You can also use it to dictate messages and to set alarms.

The Apple Watch has Siri as an assistant for its smartwatches and phones.

Similar to the Google’s Assistant, Siri can provide you information about directions, launches apps, calls someone, sends texts and can perform any actions on your request.

But it does other functions which the Google’s assistant is unable to perform.

Apple Watch’s Siri can toggle settings of Bluetooth and Airplane modes. It also easily integrates with the various third-party apps like Paypal, Zoya, Uber, etc.

It is also compatible with the Apple’s smart home platform HomeKit.

If you have bulbs in your home which is compatible with the Apple products then you can also ask your Apple watch to change it’s color or switch it off.

3. Apple Watch vs Android Wear: Fitness tracking

apple watch vs andriod wear

Fitness is the main focus for both the products. Android wear has the ability to set activity goals as well as reminders.

It also has a dashboard which shows all the fitness data right on the watch.

The Android 2.0 has a new feature automatic activity detection which can track push-ups, squats, crunches along with the calories while walking or running.

The Apple Watch has almost all the fitness and health features which are present in the Android Wear.

The health app of the Apple Watch tracks the progress of your fitness in its three categories i.e. move, stand and exercise.

It has some colored rings which indicate how far you far from your fitness goals.

The workout app of the Apple Watch tracks your activities like running, cycling, etc and shows real-time data while you are busy working out.

4. Apple Watch vs Android Wear: Calling and Messaging

apple watch vs andriod wear

The calling functions of the android wear are tightly integrated into the device. The watches have inbuilt speakers along with a microphone to easily place and answer calls.

The Android wear also has cellular enabled in the device which helps to surf the internet in the device. With the help of a paired smartphone, you can call and text to your contacts.

The Apple Watch is also capable to handle calls with the help of the Apple smartphone.

However, the Apple watch does not support any data plan it means you have to use your iPhone along with the watch to be in contact.

The Android Wear and the Apple Watch both use your location to give you relevant notifications and reminders.

If you install any application on your smartphone, then it automatically gets sync with the Android Wear or Apple Watch.

Android Wear has a cool feature to reply to your messages. It is called smart replies which use machine learning to know your writing style and automatically composes messages for the incoming messages.

The Apple Watch also has a cool messaging system in its arsenal known as the iMessage. With the help of iMessage, you can send a sketch or even your heart rate to your loved ones.

5. Apple Watch vs Android Wear: Battery Life

apple watch vs andriod wear

The smartwatch is not considered to have a good battery life. The maximum duration of battery life a smartwatch has is 1.5 days.

The devices have many fitness trackers like heart rate sensors and sleep detection apps which drains the battery of your smartwatch.

Therefore, you don’t your watch to be on the charging pads rather than on the wrist.

Apple Watch Series 3 said to have 18 hours of battery life, but when you use the cellular network it reduces the battery life substantially.

Most of the people complain that they struggle to get through the entire day with just charging once.

Similarly, the Android Wear features always-on face which drains the battery fast. If you use the extra features like GPS, camera, etc it will also drain the battery life considerably

6. Apple Watch vs Android Wear: Apps

apple watch vs andriod wear

Both the Apple and Android have a huge store where consists of various types of apps. For the Apple Watch, you have to download the app on your Apple phone and they consist services for travel, messaging, notes, etc.

One important thing to note that you would not be able to sync Google apps on the Apple Watch and vice versa.

In all android smartwatches, you can directly download the apps on the watch using Google play store.

But Apple Watch users do not enjoy the same benefits as the Apple Watch does not have direct access to the Apple app store.

But with more than 20,000 apps available just for the Apple watch, they have a little edge over the other watch users.

7. Apple Watch vs Android Wear: Contactless Payments

apple watch vs andriod wear

Both the Android Wear devices and the Apple Watch has the function of contactless payments.

An Android Wear watch uses Android Pay with NFC, which is a Google’s Payment platform for payment.

You can just tap your android watch against the compatible point of sales terminal to pay for various goods and services.

Apple Watch has Apple Pay for the payment processes.

Under the digital crown there is a button and upon pressing it brings up your default credit or debit card and you have to hold the Apple watch near the point of sales terminal to complete the transaction.

8. Apple Watch vs Android Wear: Price and Availability

apple watch vs andriod wear

There is a variety of Android Wears available and buying the right one depends on various factors and the smartwatch which you find the most attractive.

The prices of the Android smart watches range between $190 to $400. Some of the Android Wears are LG Watch Sport, ZTE Quartz, Huawei Watch Sport 2.

We have listed the Android Wear compatible smartwatch below with the price and review score:

apple watch vs android wear

The Apple Watch is little more costly than the various Android smartwatches.

The starting price of the Apple Watch Series 1 is $300 and the Apple Watch Hermes is $1500.

The 38mm version of the Apple Watch Sport is $350 and the 42mm of the version is of $400.

The prices of the various Apple Watch vary depending upon the size, strapping and casing.

apple watch vs android wear


Both the Android wear and the Apple Watch has its own set of pros and cons but the Apple Watch huge apps selection along with the lighter frame outweigh its higher price.

They both have plenty of functionality and tons of choices. Therefore choosing the right type of watch would be little difficult.

If you want to buy a smartwatch, then your decision should depend on the type of smartphone you possesses.

You should remember that you cannot use an Android Wear with an Apple Watch because would not be able to get the full experience of your smartwatch.

Apple Watch is said to be the best smartwatch available because its software and hardware are tightly woven together which feels more intuitive.

Both Apple and Google have worked very hard to bring the best smartwatch to your wrists which make it difficult to rank them when kept side by side.

Therefore it is advised that before making the final decision you should try out all the available smartwatches and choose the one which is more comfortable to you.

Which smartwatch do you have or want to buy? Let us know in the comment section..”

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