8 Incredible Things You Can Do from Your Apple Watch Without iPhone

Apple watch without iPhone

Whatever Apple watch you have, whether its series 1, series 2 or latest Apple Watch series 3, you need an iPhone for its setup and to use its core functionalities.

But even so, your Apple watch is capable enough to do lots of useful things without connecting it with an iPhone.

As we are talking about Apple wearable’s capability, Apple watch series 3 is the best example.

A cellular system has been introduced with the Apple series 3 watch and with dual-core S3 Processor, updated Siri and waterproofing makes an Apple watch a standalone device.

Also if you will talk about Apple watch series 1 or Series 2 watch. There are lots of things you can do with your Apple watch without connecting it to an iPhone.

In this article, I will explain to you what are the things you can do with your Apple watch without iPhone.

So if you leave your iPhone at home, you will still able to do lots of things without connecting Apple watch with an iPhone.

List of Things You Can Do Form Apple Watch without iPhone

1. Track Your Fitness
2. Listen Music
3. Message And Call
4. Use Apple Pay
5. Browse Your Photos
6. Alarms And Timers
7. Runs Standalone Third-Party Apps
8. Use and Record Your Voice

1. Track Your Fitness

Apple Watch without iPhone

The first and most useful thing you can do with your Apple watch without iPhone is workout tracking.

You can go out for a run, attend Cross-fit, or walk without carrying your iPhone, your iWatch still tracking your fitness.

An Apple watch fitness tracking includes your heartbeat, step counts, breathing, stand-sit ratio, and any workouts you log across that time.

As with most other health trackers of this time, the Apple Watch stores workout data locally to its internal storage. It can save up to 30 days of information.

If you have got Apple Watch 1, then you will only track your heartbeat, calories, and other basic exercise data. As the GPS is not present in early iWatch models.

If you have Apple Watch series 2 or Series 3, you will get an added GPS data.

This enables you to trace distance and particular routes. And with the Apple Watch series 3 you can also trace your elevation, as it has a built-in altimeter.

2. Listen Music

Apple Watch without iPhone

With the Apple watchOS 4, your iWatch can play synced music offline. It will also automatically add any playlist or albums you have listened recently.

You only need to connect your Apple earpods through Bluetooth whenever you want to listen to music.

Once watchOS 4.1 will launch for all Apple watch users. Then it will possible with series 3 iWatch to stream Apple Music wherever you go.

This means you don’t have to depend on the limited amount of storage on your Apple watch. If you don’t want to carry your iPhone all the time.

3. Message And Call

Apple Watch without iPhone

This is the latest and one of the useful feature which you can use on Apple watch without iPhone.

If you have an Apple watch series 3 cellular model then you can easily get full access to all internet connected apps on your iWatch screen. Even you leave your iPhone at home.

Actually, the iWatch series 3 uses the same carrier network as your phone.

Normally you need to pay a small monthly fee to let you send messages, to make phone calls, navigate with maps, stream Apple Music, find your friends’ location, use Siri, and access 3rd party apps.

4. Use Apple Pay

Apple Watch without iPhone

If you have already set up the Apple pay credentials using an iPhone then you don’t have to worry about carrying cash all the time.

You can easily make an actual payment with your Apple watch if the store takes contactless payment.

You can also use any other wallet instead of Apple pay and to make payment from your watch. For this, you don’t need to have an iPhone with you.

When you activate Apple pay near a contactless reader, your watch terminal is connected to the reader to confirm payment.

The same process happens when you use any other wallet to pay from your Apple watch.

5. Browse Your Photos

Apple Watch without iPhone

Along with music, there is small storage is given in your watch for pictures. However, an Apple watch is not ideal for viewing photos.

But if you are not near to your phone, you can watch photos on your Apple watch. You can sync favorite albums (up to 500 images) from your iPhone to the iWatch

The photos in your Apple watch can be seen as a teensy group collage or swipe-able individual shots.

6. Alarms And Timers

Apple Watch without iPhone

All of the common watch functionalities are still present on the Apple Watch, You may miss the alarm if your phone is out of battery or it is away from you at the night.

But a Nightstand mode also makes your iWatch even more useful as a tiny alarm clock.

Other related features, like the watch timer and the stopwatch functions, work fine without a connected iPhone in range.

7. Runs Third-Party Standalone Apps

Apple Watch without iPhone

There are two types of apps available for your iWatch, one is iPhone-based and another is stand-alone apps.

The iPhone-based apps need an iPhone to completely function, as the Apple watch only contains the app’s interface.

In iPhone-based apps, if you store information into the application before leaving your iPhone, that information will remain stored.

However, you’ll miss out live updates to complexities or any notifications.

But with the stand-alone apps, you can continue using even if you have left your iPhone.

This involves third-party workout apps that use the heart sensor, games, and even internet-based apps considering that you have access to a saved cellular data or Wi-Fi hotspot.

8. Use and Record Your Voice

Apple Watch without iPhone

You can use your voice to give audio instructions to Siri to send a message, call people or even just set alarms and you can also use Siri to ask questions.

You can record things on your Apple Watch just by pressing record option.

As this is a standalone app, it can directly transfer your recorded file up to the cloud through LTE.


Actually, there are lots of things you can do with your Apple watch without iPhone.

An Apple Watch is one of the most powerful wearable gadget with lots of advanced inbuilt features. You can do lots of things with Apple watch without iPhone.

But if you will talk about all Apple watch features is not possible to use them without an iPhone.

So if you want to use all benefits and features of Apple watch you will require an iPhone connected to your Watch.

You can say at present Apple Watch is not completely standalone device because of the dependency on iPhone for some features but in future, it can be.

Which of the above feature makes your Apple watch Standalone device? Let me know in the comment below.”

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