8 Best Ways to Stretch Your Apple Watch Battery Life

Apple watch battery life

Apple watch battery life is the biggest concern for any iWatch user, whether it is series 1 watch, series 2 or series 3 edition.

After all, Apple watch is only useful to you till it the battery is powered otherwise it is like any other bracelet on your wrist.

If you are big Apple Watch users and regularly checks your wrists, Apple’s wearable device may not quite give the 18-hour battery life as the company advertises.

So for an Apple Watch addict or a professional who doesn’t have so much time to charge their iWatch twice a day.

This article will be very useful for them, today I am going to explain you some easy tips and tricks.

Which you can apply to your Apple watch to get some more extra time out of your battery.

How long your Apple watch battery should last?

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According to Apple the all-day battery life (18 hours) is based on following use – 90 notifications, 90-time checks, 30-minute exercise with music playback from Apple Watch through Bluetooth and 45 minutes of application use over the course of 18 hours.

Our experience recommends this may be about ideal for the original model.

And talk about charging, Apple watch takes one and half hour to charge from zero to 80%. It also takes extra 30 minutes more to get completely charged.

Tips To Improve Apple Watch Battery Life

There are the lots of ways to buy which you can stretch your Apple watch battery life.

If you don’t run over the edge with application utilize and warnings, yet (in spite of Apple proceeding to utilize the 18-hours figure) the Series 2 and Series 3 refreshes can do a great deal better.

In tests, the Series 2 oversaw 54 hours (including two nights with normal use), while the Series 3 went on for 39 hours (including one night).

apple watch series 3 bands

So let’s see the techniques by which you can extend your Apple Watch battery life.

1. Keep the latest watch software
2. Turn Off Wrist Raise
3. Keep your iPhone Bluetooth Turned On
4. No Unnecessary Notifications
5. Power Reserve
6. Set The Screen Brightness To A Lower Intensity
7. Cellular Connectivity
8. Best Faces For Battery Life

1. Keep the latest watch software

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This is important and something many Apple Watch users fail to do.

Improved battery life usually comes about from tweaking software algorithms.

Apple constantly changes these algorithms in software updates.

If you want to have a longer Apple Watch battery life be sure to update the latest software update the iWatch(Apple watchOS 4) on the watch as soon as Apple publishes it.

To update the iWatch software open the Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone and go to My Watch>General>Software Update.

2. Turn Off Wrist Raise

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The Apple Watch has a wonderful feature that automatically awakes it and turns on the screen when you raise your wrist to see the watch.

Apple Watch does this by utilizing the accelerometer as a prompt.

But while this is convenient and saves users time, it can be a battery draining for those who are very active with their hands.

For example:- if you “talk with your hands”, gesturing wildly, your Apple Watch will activate a lot because Watch thinks you want to see at it.

To deactivate the Wrist Raise feature on your Apple Watch choose Settings>General and turn Activate on Wrist Raise off.

3. Keep your iPhone Bluetooth Turned On

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At all times, you need to have your Apple Watch connected to iPhone through Bluetooth.

If you disable Bluetooth on your iPhone, your Apple Watch battery will start discharging quickly.

Therefore to preserve battery on your iWatch, keep Bluetooth turned on your iPhone and experience better communications between the two devices.

4. No Unnecessary Notifications

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Most of the Apple Watch users like to turn social media notifications on.

Actually, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. notifications are may not be as important as your office emails.

Keeping superfluous notifications open can discharge your Apple Watch battery.

Therefore, you can prefer to turn off social media notifications during the day.

But you can keep the messages, emails, phone, and calendar open.

5. Power Reserve

apple watch series 3 bands

If you are in the propensity for much of the time viewing your Apple Watch just to check time.

This Power Reserve mode is exceptionally useful to save money on the battery life of your Apple Watch.

By choosing Power Reserve mode on your Watch, battery life will consequently be enhanced.

As this will push different functions in rest mode; functions like notifications and action observing will go into rest mode.

Power Reserve mode will devour low vitality and will show just the time on your Apple Watch.

To put your Watch on Power Reserve mode, hold down the side catch until the point when the power off screen shows up; at that point slide Power Reserve.

You can see just a clock until the point that you hold down the side catch again to reboot.

6. Set The Screen Brightness To A Lower Intensity

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Much like other electronic devices, the brightness of the Apple watch screen is directly related to the battery utilization.

We all love to see a watch screen which is bright and beautiful but this comes to the detriment of more power utilization.

But if you will keep the Apple watch brightness lower, your screen will consume less power.

Open the iWatch Application on your iPhone and then tap on Watch icon > Tap Brightness and Text size and drag the brightness slider to a lower intensity, this will help you to conserve power on your Apple Watch.

7. Cellular Connectivity

apple watch series 3 bands

If you’ve got the cellular-enabled Apple Watch Series 3, your Watch battery life will be profoundly affected by the degree to which you make use of the new cellular functionality.

If you have your phone with you or you’re at home, you can turn off cellular. And you for a walk or something only then you can choose to cellular connectivity.

So it will help to keep your Apple watch battery life for longer.

8. Best Faces For Battery Life

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Select the least graphical Apple watch face, the less colored and fewer animated graphical components consume less power.

So you can avoid from the heavy graphics like toy story watch face, kaleidoscope watch face etc.

You can use least detailed and light colors clock face, it would be the most battery-effective choice.

apple watch series 3 bands

Bonus Tip

keep the power source on while charging your Apple Watch through laptop/MacBook.

Usually, professionals charge their mobiles and watch form their laptops through USB.

So if you are also doing the same thing be careful that your laptop is plugged in and power is on.

If the laptop power supply is off and at that time you are plugged in your watch on charge your watch battery may discharge.

So try to keep your laptop/MacBook power supply on while you are charging your watch through it.


Now you have got the list of techniques to stretch your Apple Watch battery life.

If you are an Apple watch addict and want to keep your watch powered all day long, you can try all these tips to enhance the battery life.

If you have tried all these techniques to enhance your Apple Watch battery life and failed to get success.

Then instantly you need visit Apple Genius Store to check your iWatch or possibly a replacement battery may solve your issue.

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