Latest Apple WatchOS 4 | Features & Specifications | Is It Worth To Buy?

Apple watchOS 4 Features after Release

Apple watchOS 4 is the latest version operating system of Iwatch, announced by Apple at the Worldwide Developer Conference in June of this year.

In this latest version, watchOS 4 Apple has concentrated on presenting a more personalized Apple watch experience.

They have introduced brand new watch faces, updated health app, improved software to sync your data with gym equipment and much more.

First, it was launched only for developers but form 19th September watchOS 4 is available for iwatch users and now you can enjoy latest OS in your Apple watch.

Read this article to know all about the new watchOS 4:-

Let’s see the new features you will get in Apple watchOS 4.

1. New Watch Faces For Iwatch 2
2. New Watch Interface
3. Inspiring Activity Updates
4. Better Workout Experience
5. New and Redesigned Apps

1. New Watch Faces For Iwatch 2

WatchOS 4 has 3 new watch faces, alongside new alternatives for the photos watch face, which enables iwatch user to pick a choice of 10 photographs to add to the watch, instead of a particular collection.

All faces can be set to the watch itself or utilizing the Apple watch application on the iPhone.

The faces gallery in the application is the most ideal approach to see the majority of the accessible watch faces initially.

The Siri, Kaleidoscope, and Toy Story watch faces are new in watchOS 4.


In Apple watch OS 4 the Siri watch face is one of the greatest new element which is included.

On the basis of the applications you use, when you utilize them, and you’re everyday schedule the Siri watch face is built to naturally show the data,

This Apple watchOS 4 Siri utilizes a similar machine learning algorithm and intelligence that is utilized for Siri on iPhones to foresee what you’ll require next, and afterward, it shows that information ideal on the Apple Watch.

Siri watch face is dynamic and updates throughout the day, offering up new info each time you raise your wrist.

For example: – In the morning Siri might bring up your first calendar appointment of the day with weather forecasting.

In the afternoon, you might get a reminder about a mid-night flight along with direct access to the boarding pass.

Siri can show climate, maps data, schedule arrangements, reminders, Apple News, HomeKit controls, passes put away in Wallet, Breathe, work-out details, alarms, alarms, music, stocks, stopwatch, clocks and sunset time.

For detail information tap on the notification which is a popup on the watch screen.

#2 Kaleidoscope Watch Face

The kaleidoscope watch face colors to watch the main screen, you can design colorful pattern by your creativity actually it turns the static photo into mesmerizing patterns.

In this watch face you need take a picture and make its kaleidoscope design out of it. Which will move and shift throughout the day or when you turn the digital crown.

There are some stock photographs available for the Kaleidoscope face but you can design kaleidoscope face with your own images so there are infinite possibilities.

To create a watch face or kaleidoscope watch face there is an option which allows using a picture from your iPhone’s gallery.

#3 Toy Story Watch Face

If you like to customize your Iwatch a little, Apple is bringing some new choices in the watchOS 4.

This watch face offers a verity of characters from the Toy Story movie, giving individuals a chance to pick between Woody, Jessie, and Buzz to enhance their wrists.

You can pick any of Jessie, Woody, or Buzz Lightyear characters on the Apple Watch.

Each time when you raise your wrist, there is also a small animation will play.

#4 Updated Complications

In watchOS 4 the Heart Rate complication has been updated. In this updated watch operating system you can see heart rate measurement on your watch screen.

It also offer a quick access to open the heart rate measurement app.

The updated Apple music complication “Now Playing” complication brings direct control to music.

The Apple News complication that gives you quick access to the News application, and the next one is Messages complication which is now updated in watchOS 4 to show how many unread iMessages you have.

2. New Watch Interface

In the latest Apple watchOS 4, when you long press on the main app Home screen, you will get new option to change form the standard app grid interface to list view of all installed apps in your iwatch.

Which can be scrolled through a finger or by the digital crown.

In the new APple watchOS 4, the Dock has been redesigned.

Now it shows a vertical list of apps rather than horizontal, which bodes well with the Digital Crown control.

The Dock likewise now offers an alternative to show most as of late utilized applications rather than most loved applications, making it like the App Switcher on the iPhone.

In the previous watchOS if you had two notification at a time then your watch used to combine them and simply alerts you of new notifications.

But in watchOS 4 if will get two notification like emails, it will be show you the content of each message and won’t combine them together.

You also get a new flashlight icon with this latest operating system.

Once you turned it on and your watch display will become bright with white red or a flashing light background.

It will provide a bit of light when it is dark out in the night.

You will also get notification of birthday and on your birthday Apple will send you “Happy Birthday” notification with colorful balloons.

3. Inspiring Activity Updates

Apple is trying to inspire individuals to complete their Activity objectives every day in watchOS 4. For this reason, they introduced new notifications that will tell you that you are so near finishing an objective and what you can do to achieve it.

For an Example: –

Suppose if you have to burn a couple of more calories to close your movement ring for the day, your iwatch will tell you how long you need to run to complete your movement ring.

Once the objective is complete you will get a visual reward.

New OS has re-designed small animations for everyday achievements and more significant animations once you get a major achievement.

4. Better Workout Experience

The most conspicuous change in the workout app is the interface.

It is designed to make it simpler to begin an exercise.

In Apple watchOS 4 all the workouts are in new vertical scrolling design.

Now you can choose by scrolling the digital crown or through a finger and by tapping user can select the workout.

The start button and choice to set calories are not present in the updated version.

You can select your workout goal according to a number of calories burnt and duration of exercise also distance cover.

Whenever a new exercise begins you can select a playlist for that.

For that additionally, music controls ideal in the Workout application to make it simple to switch between melodies. A basic swipe to one side raises the new music controls.

If you want to accomplish more than one exercise consecutively then you don’t need to stop the present exercise.

There’s an alternative to swipe to one side and tap the “+” catch to automatically move to another exercise sort.

If you don’t want any disturbed while exercising, there is also a feature “Do Not Disturb during Workout”.

With the latest, OS Apple watch is able to calculate VO2 max, which calculates the oxygen rate you consume during workout.

It gives you an estimate of cardiovascular wellness and endurance capacity.

The most interesting thing is your iWatch will be able to connect with gym equipment with real-time data sharing for best workout experience.

5. New and Redesigned Apps

#01 Music

The redesigned music app focusing to AirPods, when you start the app it will give you a scrollable list of tracks that can be scroll through the digital crown.

Just by selecting “Shuffle All” button you will get quick access to music library.

You can play tracks by speaking playlist also you can assign playlists for a specific exercise

#02 Heart Rate

An updated heart rate app with a little bit animation and graphical design shows your heart rate measurement of a whole day.

This new app design will give you better information of heart rate compared to the old heart rate app, therefore, you get an idea of only current heart rate.

#03 Apple News

The important news of the world ie conveyed by the new Apple News application.

Hence the Apple News application likewise presents access to a determination of late news features, giving you a short review of the substance.

You can’t read Apple News stories ideal on the watch, however you can spare articles for some other time.

#04 Mail

The Mail application on Apple Watch now enables you to see your messages by inbox.

VIP, Flagged, and Unread inboxes and Client made inboxes are accessible.

In past adaptations of watchOS, it was conceivable to react to an email.

Yet there was no alternative for forming another message.

Compose alternative raised with a power push on the principle Mail see is the new change you will observe in the new Apple  Watchos 4.


The Apple watchOS 4 comes with new and redesigned features, which was a demand of lots of Iwatch users.

Now the Apple watchOS 4 is now available for iWatch users to download.

It will change the entire look of your watch with lots of exciting features.

In this OS, Apple focused to make the iwatch an integrated part of your life by adding advanced health features:-

  • new and redesigned faces (SIRI, kaleidoscope and Toy story),
  • Customizable interface and much more.

After updating to new watch OS it will make you feel like you are use a brand new Apple watch.

“If you haven’t updated your watch OS then follow these steps.”

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    one problem…it used to be when an alarm on my phone went off and my phone was in my pocket, it would push the alarm to my watch so i could turn it off or snooze it from the watch… it stopped pushing the alerts to my watch forcing me to fish out my phone from my pocket….please fix.

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