Top Apple Watch Apps Which Will Make Your Day

Top Apple watch apps

Apple watch 2 is one of the best smart watch available in market and the reason is, it has dual core S2 processor, which is 50% more powerful then series 1, multiple fitness, monitoring sensors and top Apple watch apps which increase the use of Apple watch 2 in our daily life.

Actually, you can do lots of work using your Iwatch, there are many top Apple watch apps available to make your life easy.

Yes! There is around 3000+ apps presently available for Apple watch making it most useful gadget for everyone.

In this article I will tell you about the top Apple watch apps that you must have on your iwatch.

All these apps are very useful in your daily life, weather it is about to maintain a good health or finding best restaurant near you.

Let’s see, what are the top Apple watch apps, you must have in your Apple watch.

It’s been a year for Apple watch series 2 launch and trust me there are around thousands of Apps available at present in market. You have to be careful when you select any App for installing on your series 2 Apple watch. Yes, there are few Apps which will not only slow down your watch but also use your battery power leading to early damage.

We filtered the top Apple watch apps, these selected Apps are 100% safe and even easy to operate.

1. Carrot Weather
2. Citymapper
3. Runtastic
4. Sleep++
5. Tagger
6. Calcbot
7. Camera Plus
8. Philips Hue
9. Lifesum
10. Paybyphone Parking
11. Tripadvisor

1. Carrot Weather

CARROT Weather is one of the most popular weather app for Apple watch series2.

This is one of the excellent app available. Carrot weather uses colors instead of graphics and tells you weather condition for next hour. This useful app creates simple but creative user interface making your series 2 Apple watch awesome.

For example: – suppose if it is raining/going to start raining soon, the color becomes blue but if it’s sunny, the color becomes yellow.

2. Citymapper

Citymapper is most popular public transport app for Apple watch. The application utilizes your area to give well-ordered guidelines that empower you to explore your way around, utilizing open transport.

It gives you top to bottom information about takeoffs from all types of open transport, and even taps you on the wrist to tell you when you’ve achieved your stop.

3. Runtastic

This Apple Watch shows another approach to get the most out of running.

You should simply bring your iPhone with you on a run and Runtastic will show all the data you require on your wrist.

It shows speed,length, pace and what number of calories you’ve consumed on your wrist, where it’s helpful to check without slowing down and getting your telephone out of your pocket.

4. Sleep++

There are lots of top Apple Watch apps to monitor and track your health and sleep but Sleep++ is one of the best among them.

In the event that you experience the ill effects of lack of sleep or might simply want to take in more about how you rest, Sleep++ is an application worth downloading. , it will provide you useful data about how was your sleep?

5. Tagger

This app is a very useful for photographers to geotag digital camera shots with a tap on the Apple Watch series 2.

It likewise incorporates times so you can catch the ideal light conditions in view of your area and the consideration of adjacent photographs (by Flickr) can give you that bit of motivation that you require.

6. Calcbot

Apple watch 2 don’t have calculator in it, accepting that individuals’ fingers would be excessively stout, making it impossible to perform computations.

How wrong they were. Calcbot deftly ventures in to fill a number cruncher molded hole on the Apple Watch.

7. Camera Plus

Popular 3rd-party camera apps for for iOS, which gives you significantly more control over your photography than what’s at present accessible in the stock camera application.

The Apple Watch bolster carries with it some extraordinary highlights, for example, photograph and video catching with a live see and in addition a moment see after catch to ensure it was precisely what you needed.

You can likewise swap between the front and back camera and set a clock – all from your wrist.

Despite the fact that you can likewise utilize your Apple Watch as a viewfinder for the stock camera application, this brings significantly greater usefulness inside one single application and we’re anticipating what Camera Plus are making arrangements for the Apple Watch later on.

8. Philips Hue

Suppose you went to bed and about to shut your eyes, but you found lights are turned on. This Apple give you control of your electrical appliances on your Apple watch.

It connect to your electrical devices over a W-fi network. Remember if you want to use this facility then you must have Philips devices.

It is one of the best app if you want to make life a little bit easier.

9. Lifesum

Apple Watch plays very important role to maintain good Health but running in the gym is not enough. You need to monitor what you eat to keep a good health.

Lifesum is a very useful app that logs your food. With this app you can add on your Apple Watch which item you regularly eat or calorie counts of the food.

Lifesum to be an extraordinary approach to monitor calorie checks, and a consistent approach to watch what you are eating.

10 PayByPhone Parking

Coming back to your car with a fine on the windshield in the wake of overlooking that you’d just purchased a ticket for one hour is no uncertainty one of the greatest “first world issues”.

The PayByPhone Parking application for the Apple Watch means to change that by utilizing the application to pay for a ticket and keep an eye on the time remaining.

Not sufficient yet? You’ll additionally be advised 10 minutes before the ticket lapses, where you’ll at that point be confronted with a choice of whether to surge back to your auto or include additional time, specifically from your wrist.

11. TripAdvisor

The much beloved TripAdvisor app has also made an appearance on the Apple Watch.

You have access to TripAdvisor’s vast library of traveler reviews as well as ratings and photos of hotels, restaurants and attractions straight from your Apple Watch.

The TripAdvisor glance will give you recommendations of nearby points of interest based on your location and time of day.

For example: – at mid-day it’ll automatically suggest the highest-rated restaurant in your area and then give you walking directions via Apple Maps.


Falling for Trendy Apple Watch Apps is very easy. You need to be very careful when you select and decide to use any app. These apps can be very harmful and can damage your lovely and expensive Apple watch.

Some apps can destroy your battery life and some can completely ruin the interface of your iwatch.

Whenever you are about to install any app never forget to Google and check the reputation first. You can share about the apps on social network groups and wait for user’s response.

Above are the few trusted and useful apps which you will surely love and will make your life bit easy!

“Apple watch 2 is very useful device when used carefully”

Do you use any of the apps from above list? Let me know your favorite Apple watch app and don’t forget to tell me why it’s your favorite?

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