Apple Watch Series 3 – Expected Tech Features

apple watch series 3 tech feature

Apple watch series 3 or apple watch 3 news is in the air but to get in your hands it is a long time off yet. There is already rumors about its launch date and new features.

Being largest smart watch industry it is quite obvious be the point of attraction before its launch.

After the launch of Iwatch series 1 in Apple did huge improvement on their battery life in series 2 version. There is no doubt they are taking the smart watch wearable industry to the next level.

“The estimate by Strategy Analytics showed a 59% jump in Apple Watch sales from a year earlier, with 3.5 million units sold in the first three months of the year (2017).”
I am not telling series 2 less high-tech but in series 3 version they are adding something extra in its watch. which will definitely enhance your iwatch wearing experience.

In this article I will discuss about what probably you will get in apple watch series 3.

As the series 2 version is released in September of 2016. So it’s obvious they will keep at least one year gap between series 2 and series 3.

Also company is also updating the watchOS and bringing new features to existing Apple Watch models. So you can assume that it will release in late 2017 or early in 2018.

Expected Tech Features in Apple Watch Series 3

Not talking more about its release date I am starting to discussing about the technical upgrade which you might get in Apple watch series 3.
Apple has completely changed the watch industry by its high tech watches of series 1 and 2. In series 2 they have introduced Communication (You can do Text message, call alert etc.), Fitness measurement (Measure Heart rate, Health, Workout, and Activity).

But in there are certain thing left to be added. Here is what probably you will see in the Apple Watch series 3.

1. 4th Generation Connectivity
2. MicroLED Screen
3. Sleep Tracking
4. Glucose Monitoring
5. Respiration Rate Tracking
6. Battery Life Improvements

1. 4th Generation Connectivity

Apple is already introduced short message service facility in series 2 version. It is news that in the series 3 version Apple is going to introduce cellular connectivity without being tethered to a phone.

This was rumored for the Apple Watch 2 and hopefully in apple watch series 3 it will actually happen, as it could turn the Apple Watch from an accessory into a standalone device.

2. MicroLED Screen

According a Nikkei report microLED system hitting the apple watch series 3. A micro-LED display, a next-generation display following an organic light-emitting diode (OLED).

It has a strong potential to be thinner and lighter because it measures only 5 to 10 micrometers.

That is aimed to use in small, low-energy devices such as smart watches and smartphones. Micro-LEDs are designed to offer less energy requirements compared to conventional LCDs. Also they offer higher brightness than OLEDs.

3. Glucose Monitoring

According to CNBC reports that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has been spotted on the Apple campus wearing a prototype device that attaches to the Apple Watch to track glucose levels.

It is already cleared that Apple always give special attention to make their watch as multiuse-able fitness gadget.

That we can see in Apple watch 2, has facility to measure Heart rate, health, workout, and activity.

In the series 3 they are also continuing the trend of getting better fitness measurement system. By adding glucose monitoring system.

4. Sleep Tracking

In the May 2017 Apple has acquire a sleep tracking app called Beddit.

This company is expertise in the development of sleep tracking app and device.

While Apple has not disclose their plans to company. This will clearly indicates Apple watch series 3 may have sleep tracking feature.
In this time Beddit offers their device in the slip form.

Which have to keep under sheet and it will measure different activity like breaths per minute, heart rate and even snoring to check deep your sleep was and according to that it will give the sleep score.

5. Respiration Rate Tracking

After the report published by US patent & trademark office that Apple has submitted patent with title “Measuring Respiration Rate with Multi-Band Plethysmography” for improved way to monitor breathing rates.

Many experts speculating that Apple watch series 3 will have inbuilt respiration rate tracking functionality.

For the improved health monitoring system.

6. Battery Life Improvements

We have already seen the improvement in battery life of series 2 version compared to series 1. Series 2 battery life is around 2 or more days.

A report from DigiTimes “two key improvements to the Apple Watch Series 3 — performance and battery life”.

Apple is consistently focusing on longer battery life. And for that reason it expected that the next gen Apple watch series 3 has battery life of around one week.

As it is quite obvious in series 3 version apple is going to introduce extra features in it. That will make Apple watch much smarter ever before so improving the battery life is very important.


I think there is time to see a smart watch getting smarter. It’s also demand of time to have a gadget which help us to run our busy life smoothly and Apple is clearly understand that.

As from the different media reports, highlighting the Apple foots towards the different technology.

That is clear indication that all the above technical improvements are expected in the next version of Apple’s smart watch.

No doubt Apple watch series 3 will definitely going to change the smart watch industry with its innovative features.

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